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Welcome to Homebound Montessori!
Whether you have been considering teaching your children at home for a while, or you are sheltering in place and suddenly must teach your children at home, we are here to help you and your family create a successful Montessori learning environment.

Homebound & Happy

Homebound & Happy

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How Do I Start My Montessori Homeschool?


Let us help you!
Our team at Homebound Montessori can quickly guide you
through the first days, weeks, and months so that your
home education experience is happy and successful

We have recordings of our FREE Live Online Preschool lessons to get you started.
Check these out in the series below.

Why are Scheduled Activities Important?

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Young children thrive when they are given freedom to explore within the well-defined limits of their environment.

Setting up a daily, and even weekly, schedule in your Homebound Montessori environment will give your child/ren the sense of predictability and security that will help them thrive! 

You can learn more about setting up your daily routines & learning schedules by enrolling in our Homebound Montessori Silver Plan. It's a FREE eCourse for Montessori home educators that re-opens in January 2023.

What exactly is Practical Life?

Practical Life
The Foundation of Montessori Education

In our daily lives, all of us must care for ourselves, the environment, and each other. Dr. Montessori quickly discovered the importance of cultivating in the child, these skills that are necessary for maintaining and thriving. Children in the first Montessori Children's Houses grew to love the exercises of what Montessori called "Practical Life."

In Dr. Maria Montessori's own words:

"The children of three years of age in the "Children's Houses" learn and carry out such work as sweeping, dusting, making things tidy, setting the table for meals, waiting at table, washing the dishes, etc ., and at the same time they learn to attend to their own personal needs, to wash themselves, to take showers, to comb their hair, to take a bath, to dress and undress themselves, to hang up their clothes in the wardrobe, or to put them in drawers, to polish their shoes ...This has a truly educational, not utilitarian purpose . The reaction of the children may be described as a "burst of independence" of all unnecessary assistance that suppresses their activity and prevents them from demonstrating their own capacities. It is just – these "independent" children of ours who learn to write at the age of four and a half years, who learn to read spontaneously, and who amaze everyone by their progress in arithmetic."

(From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 66)

What About Sensory Education?

Education of the Senses

The education of the senses is the foundation of intelligence. The sensorial materials are the concrete forms of abstract concepts. Children therefore develop a concrete sense of height, length, width, color, temperature, and even pressure. These are the building blocks of the ability to think creatively, make decisions, and predict reasonable outcomes.. 

                                                                 In Dr. Maria Montessori's own words:

"It is exactly in the repetition of the exercise that the education of the senses consists; their aim is not that the child shall know colors, forms and the different qualities of objects, but that he refines his senses through an exercise of attention, of comparison, of judgment. 

These exercises are true intellectual gymnastics. Such gymnastics, reasonably directed by means of various devices, aid in the formation of the intellect, just as physical exercises fortify the general health and quicken the growth of the body."


The Montessori Method (1912) by Maria Montessori, translated by Anne Everett George. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1912. pp. 360-361

Welcome to our Montessori Virtual Classroom with Example Lessons
We Offer To Our Families  

The Outdoor Classroom

The Music Room

The Language Arts & Cultural Center

The Math & Science Lab

The Art Studio


About Homebound Montessori

We are a group of educators and specialists from around the globe.

We are passionate about teaching young children in a happy environment where the child feels successful and the adult looks on joyfully at this miniature masterpiece of a human being that the child is creating before our very eyes! 

With more and more families going back to the home setting for their child's healthy development, we, as experienced educators,  are dedicated to assisting and guiding you and your family in creating an engaging Homebound Montessori environment where everyone thrives.

Currently, we are working with families in the U.S. and Asia, coaching them


in their day-to-day Montessori curriculum activities that have been 


personally designed by our team for each client. 

In addition, we are offering live Montessori Music classes with Carolyn


each week via Zoom.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team
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Carolyn Lucento

AMS Montessori Primary Preschool Teacher Credential, AMS Montessori Teacher-trainer, Orff-Schulwerk Music Teaching Certification, Credentialed Trainer from CA Program for Infant & Toddler Caregiving, Montessori homeschool parent from 1981-1992 


Donna May Tomboc

AMS Montessori Primary School Teaching Credential, Director for Strategy & Innovation for ConsultAsia Global, Montessori School Consultant in the US, Singapore, and the Philippines


Sharon Shi

AMS Montessori Primary Teacher Credential, AMS Montessori Teacher-trainer, Montessori Education Consultant,  AMS Elementary Credential in-process.


Mana Youngbear

Waldorf Educator, American Sign Language Certification, Director of the MUSE Center for the Arts  in Willits CA


Raymond Gonzales

AMS Montessori Primary School Teaching Credential, AMS Montessori Infant/Toddler Trained, Owner Children of Mary Montessori School of AZ, Montessori School Consultant in the US, International Touring Choir


Lynmour Balangue Naira

AMS Montessori Primary Trained, Financial Consultant, CPA Philippines, CMA San Francisco Bay Area

Untitled design (2).png

Kiran Sharma

AMS Montessori Primary Teacher, Montessori Curriculum Consultant,  Owner Kiran's Montessori School Pleasanton, CA

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